First Step to Your Kid's Education

First Admission, a venture of “Gurunaam Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.” is an illustrious name in the field of education services. First Admission is a place where parents can get an access to information on a large number of schools in India and apply for their child's admission through the online channel.

Parents believe in mouth publicity and let their kid to admit in that school, where all the colony kids are going. It’s not a better way to shape his/her future.

We, at First Admission, work with an idea to assist Indian parents in shaping up the future of their children by providing them with the necessary information on all the schools of India. That includes information on the infrastructure of the school, admission procedure, facilities provided etc. The parents can choose their desired school, from our directory of schools and apply online, escaping the trouble of waiting in queues for forms.

Benefits to Parents

  • Access to array of schools registered across India.
  • Complete information on each school.
  • Getting queries answered by the school.
  • Time saving and allows easy submission of forms.

Benefits to Schools

  • 24x7 round the clock online promotion.
  • Visibility on major search engines.
  • School facilities and features are highlighted.
  • Detailed information about school is provided to the parents.

How It Works?

Using our Swift Search button, parents can easily find out their desired school within minutes. There is detailed information on each school on its profile page at FA.
We, at First Admission are eternally striving to develop our services with the aim to provide all the parents, top-notch facilities.

Why It Started?

In the fast paced lives of today, parents hardly get much time to stand in the long queues of various schools for obtaining the school form for their children’s admission. In an era when both the parents are professionals time is the greatest paucity. And this should not become a reason for children and their parents to loose an opportunity of a good academic start to life.

With the help of our website, parents fill up the form for online submission of any school at any time from the comforts of their homes or offices, without any hassle of standing in long queues.

How First Admission saves time of parents?

Finding out information on each school is very pathetic, and lack of knowledge about various schools makes parents send their kids to schools that are not really good. Keeping this in mind and to save the time of parents, Online School offers detailed information on each school all across India. This makes it easy for parents to search for schools as per their requirement eg: location, category etc, and get detailed information on each one of them. Parents can easily find out about the best schools in particular locality or city at a click of a button, without visiting the school personally, and thus save time. They can also apply online in the school of their choice using the services of our website.